ITS European Congress.

Strasbourg, France, 19–22 June 2017. Europe's leading event for intelligent transport specialists.


Demonstrations in Strasbourg

This year’s Demonstrations will push the boundaries of modern mobility, so be sure not to miss the innovative services that will be showcased in our Demonstration area. Delegates and visitors get the chance to experience exciting current and future mobility options and learn about pioneering ventures. Local Strasbourg start-ups will also have a dedicated space to demonstrate the city’s vitality in terms of mobility innovation. Feel free to come and visit the Demonstration Desk at the Congress Centre for more information. Here are a few of the highlights you can look forward to:

eCall Advancement

The I_HeEro project will demonstrate how Satellite communications and positioning will be used for emergency communication in the next generation. Technical features include Satellite Earth Observation Imagery, video over Satcom and technical innovations, situational awareness and cross-border data transfer. The I_HeEro project demonstrating eCall advancement is coordinated by Catapult.

Hybrid Bikes

This demonstration will be showcasing Hybrid bikes with electric assistance. To overcome the energy storage challenges during the energy transition process, this innovation combines two complimentary energy storage systems: low pressure hydrogen and electric vehicles. VEDECOM will also present their connected apps for users and for fleet management. The Hybrid bikes demonstration is coordinated by VEDECOM.

Cooperative ITS

The SCOOP@F project shows the mature technology that is currently being deployed on French roads. The demonstration shows how the C-ROADS project will make connected C-ITS more interoperable across European borders.

The SCOOP@F project demonstrating connected roads activities is coordinated by DIR-EST.

Cooperative ITS for Speed Advice and Cargo Transport Optimization

GLOSA (Green light Optimal Speed Advisory) is a new C-ITS service that relies on technology and data. Cargo Transport optimization is based on innovative organisational algorithms. Cogistics and its partners, together with the Strasbourg traffic control centre, will demonstrate these services on the roads and junctions of the city. The Cogistics project demonstrating GLOSA is coordinated by Geoloc Systems.

Promising start-ups from Strasbourg

The Eurométropole of Strasbourg hosts the start-up boulevard. This area is filled with demonstrations representing the vitality of the Strasbourg tech ecosystem. These start-ups present many innovative ideas including scooter sharing, smart parking, urban logistics, vehicle connectivity etc. Visitors will get the chance to see how these young companies can add value to the industry and affect their personal mobility.