ITS European Congress.

Strasbourg, France, 19–22 June 2017. Europe's leading event for intelligent transport specialists.


Strasbourg Congress Exceeds Expectations

More than 2,800 people discussed cross-border mobility in Strasbourg at the ITS European Congress

Strasbourg 22 June 2017 – This year the ITS European Congress exceeded all expectations by reaching 2,826 registrations including 952 delegates and 27 media professionals and journalists. Over 100 companies and organisations from 50 countries showcased the latest developments in intelligent mobility in the 5000sqm exhibition space at the Strasbourg Convention and Exhibition Centre. The delegates were able to choose from 100 sessions including Plenary, Executive, Technical, Scientific, Commercial and Projects sessions. Among the key topics, Connected and Automated Driving was the most popular followed by Mobility Services and Transport Network Evolution.
The theme of this year event was “ITS Beyond Borders” which was also the starting point for the second Mayoral Summit, held on Tuesday 20 June at the Strasbourg Administrative Centre. During the day, 23 cities (Aalborg, Alba Iulia, Bordeaux, Brussels, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Funchal, Glasgow, Hamburg, Helsinki, Helmond, Istanbul, Luxembourg, Montreal, Mulhouse, Odense, Strasbourg Sofia, Szeged, Timisoara, Umeå, Vienna, Vilnius), the European Commission, the Investment Bank and ERTICO – ITS Europe, answered a key question: “How can ITS support policies for modal shift for people and goods?”.
The Mayors and City representatives focused on some broad topics including low emission zones in cities; innovative solutions for urban logistics; and automated public transport.
Those present agreed that managing the shared use of infrastructure by passenger and freight traffic is a growing challenge, on which there is little research or experimentation. Moreover, they stressed the importance of exploring the deployment of automated vehicles in cities for both freight and passenger movements.
This 12th edition of the ITS Congress is ending today, the next ITS European Congress will be in 2019. The host city will be announced later this year. The next congress in Europe will in fact be the 25th ITS World Congress hosted in Copenhagen from 17 to 21 September 2018.

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